Put it on a stick: Sculptural Drift Wood

A few years ago, Jesse and I spent a weekend camping on Lopez Island.  It was a great weekend, yada yada yada…not the point!  The point being that I found a cool piece of drift wood.  My guess is that not everyone is going to think it’s cool, but I do.

Driftwood Art  I  Put it on a stickI love the knots and the variation of color.  So the first year I had it, I bought the necessary materials for my project.  And then last year I started prepping and painting my materials, and then just finally I put it all together!  I know!  This turned into a 2 year project.  I find that if I buy all my materials and have them hanging around, when I get some quick downtime I can get them put together.

For this project you just need:

  • (1) steel floor flange.  I used 5/8″, but 1/2″ would look daintier.
  • (1) steel pipe nipple.  Make sure that the dimension matches the floor flange
  • (1) fence post cap
  • screws to fasten flange to post cap
  • gold spray paint
  • wood stain for post cap
  • And something to display – in my case it’s a piece of wood

It’s pretty simple, just screw the flange and nipple together.  You might need a little WD-40, and if so, make sure you wipe it down well afterward so the spray paint will look nice, which leads us to the next step of stray painting it gold.

IMG_3899Sand and stain the wood cap.  Once it dries, like up the flange, and screw it onto the post cap.IMG_3920

Drill a hole into the wood…or what ever you’d like to display.  The whole must be large enough to fit the nipple, so maybe check drill bit sizes before buying flange and nipple.  (PS I don’t like that it’s called a nipple)IMG_3918Then just screw on the wood.  I was able to hold the wood between my feet, and turn the post cap, almost like a steering wheel.  It surprisingly took a lot of strength, but went in to the wood pretty far.

Driftwood Art  I  Put it on a stick


Driftwood Art  I  Put it on a stick

Please excuse my mantle styling.  I’ve never had the patience for styling.  I look at photos at homes, and love the little vignettes that people have about their house, and I’m jealous.  I need to work on it…but then I don’t want to have to dust.  I think I should add a topiary, or a terrarium for color.  That might have to be another post.

I wonder if this should be a theme, a series if you will.  Putting things on sticks for home decor…hmm, I’ll have to think about it.  There are some other things that come to mind that would work well.  Hope it doesn’t take another few years to get around to it.

3 thoughts on “Put it on a stick: Sculptural Drift Wood

  1. writegoodbooks says:

    A really professional piece of work…..nicely done too.

    I live near the coast and spend hours on the beach collecting similar pieces of driftwood. I tend to attach wire legs and arms covered in papier mache onto mine and turn them into sort of surreal figures…..but we’re both doing the same kind of thing….I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. renewstuff says:

    Nicely done – what a beautiful natural touch for your mantel. I actually think that your simple mantel styling is relaxing to look at (so many people go overboard with this).

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