Upstairs Master Room Makeover

We have this little upstairs attic space.  Pre-kids, which would be about 5 years ago, it was a great little tv spot.  The Lucy came along.  It was still a great tv spot, but in addition it became a drop zone.  Everything that needed to be cleared out from downstairs made it’s way upstairs…to sit…and pile up.

It quickly became junk zone central.

Then Zach came along.  Within a few months we moved up.  It was a long transition.

I think last I l left off on the upstairs we were going to add a bathroom, hence that blue tape on the wall.  In the end, to get an efficient bathroom, we were going to have to sacrifice functionality of the bedroom.  Instead we decided to rethink everything…hence where we are now.  “Hey instead of adding a bathroom, let’s just add a whole story!”

With 2 kids, I rarely found time to be up working on it, let alone sleeping.  This is a post that I meant to post so long ago, but honestly I got the room just good enough to keep me from loosing my mind, and that worked for me.

It’s still a landing zone for everything that I need to clear out from downstairs, but with a considerable amount of effort and time, I finally got the room to how I had envisioned years ago.  A space that I would just love to laze around – but don’t.  Toddlers don’t let you do that.



It started with white paint.  White walls, white trim.  Unfortunately it’s been so long, I have no idea what I used.  We surprisingly get a fair amount of light up there, thanks mainly to 2 skylights.  The end window isn’t incredibly helpful since it faces east.  Just helpful enough to help get us out of bed in the mornings.  Since it’s not super useful in that regard, and we don’t have much flat wall space, this was the perfect spot for the mirror.  I do really love the layered look.  The curtains were placed about halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling giving the room more height.  I grabbed some bamboo roman shades from Lowes to help filter the light and for added privacy as well as add some texture.









And then I was practicing my  close up styling shots, so thought I’d get this CUTE ring / jewelry tray.  For my day job, I’m a jewelry designer at Green Lake Jewelry Works, which is where my rings are from.


I barely got this room ready in time to completely dismantle.  As an update, we are nearing the end of permitting.  Hopefully we’ll be getting started in the next month.  We’ll be able to stay in the house for a month while a new foundation is being poured, and then once they start taking off the roof and exterior wall – we’re out!


6 thoughts on “Upstairs Master Room Makeover

  1. Ashley Rodriguez says:

    It’s so cute! I love it. I need you to come over and help me! I know you have tons of spare time so it should be no problem. ;)

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