{DIY} Rolling Kitchen Cart

Our house was listed as having an “in kitchen eating nook.”  It makes me laugh, it was basically a section of counter without cabinets.  It was an odd space.  This photo is obviously an after, but you get the idea of the space I was working with :)

I had come to the realization that what the space really needed was a kitchen cart that could do double duty as storage as well, but that could roll out if I needed additional prep space, and most importantly a bar cart for parties.  Though I’ve now realized that with a toddler, those have become much more rare!  But also makes storage that much more important :)

Better Remake I Kitchen CartMost kitchen carts though are counter height, which makes sense, but not what I needed.  I kept looking, but besides the configuration, I couldn’t find anything in the style I wanted.  I wanted something that had clean lines and would match the shaker style of our kitchen cabinets.  I wanted it clean, classic, somewhat contemporary, but with a little rustic edge.  I then figured just a clean cabinet with rustic legs would work.  I took a look around the house/yard, and realized that with all the scrap wood I have, I should be able to put something together.  I even had old 4×4 posts which would make for great legs!

Better RemadeI specifically wanted 2 large drawers.   One for my “junk” – bills, letters, all that stuff that should be filed and put away, but never have the energy for.  And the lower for kid dish ware.  We had been sharing our “Asian Food Drawer” which holds our sake set, bamboo mats, and seaweed paper.  Doesn’t everyone have one of those :)  Instead I wanted a big drawer that I could just throw all the dishware into straight from the dishwasher.

Better RemadeI had thought about looking for a lower cabinet section to build a cart around, but nothing could be found with that configuration, so from scratch it was.  I won’t mention how when I was just about complete I found one in IKEA as-is for $80.  I had to walk past pretending I didn’t see it.

First came building the drawer frame and the drawers.

better remadeFlat drawer fronts.better remadeFraming the drawer fronts to match our shaker cabinets.

better remadeUsing old 4×4 posts from the little shed carport demo I built legs to frame the cabinet, along with a set of 4″ caster wheels I found at Lowes. better remade better remadeThis was where things were left for a while.  I needed a counter top.  I envisioned a butcher block, but instead of buying at IKEA, I thought I would be patient and try the Restore.  I didn’t quite check in as often as I had hoped, and they never had a thing!  Sounds like the butcher block goes out as quickly as it comes in.

better remadeI was just reminded how long it’s really been when I found this in my instagram feed.

better remade I kitchen cart13 months!  It sat in the kitchen, incredibly useful, but not quite in bar cart shape.  I had the drawers in place, but no top.  The drawers are both incredibly full, and doing their job!  Kitchen before paint, concrete counters, and tile backsplash.

IMG_5369I finally came to the realization this last winter that I should just buy the IKEA butcher block counters.  I’m getting desperate to finished all my unfinished projects!  Problem is, they seem to be on continuous back order.  I checked back online a few times a week, and then finally I found that they were expecting a small shipment the following week.  Obviously I planned my week around getting down there and getting those counters!

It was so rewarding, just the smallest little addition to complete my cart.  Let’s not talk about the fact that when I put the top on the cart was 1/8″ too tall to fit under the counter!  I had to remove the wheels, and trim 1/4″ off the posts.  Then drilled the holes too large for the wheel posts so had to glue in a dowel and redrill.  I saw the finish line and just ran too fast toward it…I  just wanted to be done!

Better Remade I Kitchen Cart

Better Remade I Kitchen CartKid kitchenware drawer-Better Remade I Kitchen CartMy drawer – which incidentally, Jesse tried to suggest I put some extra pans that were floating around in my drawer.  I quickly said “no way!  This is MY drawer!”Better Remade I Kitchen CartSlides perfectly under the counter.Better Remade I Kitchen Cart

And rolls perfectly out to the deck!Better Remade I Kitchen Cart Better Remade I Kitchen CartIt fits just under the kitchen window which makes for a great pass through window for food, drinks, and grilling!!  Better Remade I Kitchen CartNext up…I’m actually finishing a second one for a friend!  I’m exited about that one because I was able to find an old beat up cabinet from the Restore to use.  I’ll definitely post it once finished!  SO Close!




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