{Better Remade} Old Goodwill Mirror

I’m sure many are aware, Diablo 3 came out last week.  If you are not aware  –  1. You are lucky and 2. It’s a computer game.  Because I have the newer of the 2 computers in the house, Jesse has been playing on mine when we have free time in the evenings.  The upside is that instead of getting online and wasting time browsing and pinning, I have been getting stuff done.  The downside is that it’s been super hard to put posts together, but I finally finished one!!

This is one of the projects off my 30 Before Baby List.  It’s ridiculous how long it’s been sitting around, but it’s finally finished and hanging in our bedroom.

But here is how it started.  I found this old silver mirror at goodwill.  The corners were worn and rounded, the seams were coming apart, and it was down right dingy.  The mirror itself though was in great shape and the frame was wide, which I wanted.  Sorry about the photo.  I didn’t realize until after it was finished that the camera focused in on the background and our garage storage.

And I love the nice paper in paper stores, but I never know what to do with it.  It seems too expensive to use as wrapping paper, so this seems like the perfect solution!

Supplies needed for this project:

  • An old mirror – frame can be in bad condition mirror should be in good condition
  • decorative paper or fabric
  • modpodge/with foam brush
  • approx. 1/2×1 inch wood – I purchased a 6ft piece
  • color of choice spray paint
  • clear gloss spray – I used Rustoleum
  • exacto-knife
  • caulk
  • scrap cardboard

To start, turn the paper over on a flat surface. Laying the frame down on top mark approx outline of the frame.

This next step doesn’t need to be done if using fabric, but was very helpful for me using this paper.  Initially I just used a spray adhesive, but then when I put a thin coat of mod podge over the top, it pulled in all the moisture and wrinkled and bubbled all over.  Even after it was completely dry it didn’t flatten back out.  So I added this step to help block the moisture – apply a thin coat of the mod podge between the outline of the frame.  It will wrinkle a bit, but should smooth out pretty well.

Once the paper is dry, apply a thin coat of mod podge to the frame

and gently lay the paper down on top.  Using the back of your hand, you can smooth it out.  The extra mod podge step definitely helped keep it smooth for me.

Once dry, you can use an exacto-knife to cut out the center leaving about an inch from the inside of the frame.  At the corners of the cut out rectangle, cut a line to the inside corner of the frame.

Then flip it back over onto a smooth clean flat surface, and fold each side over the inside edge of the frame using a small amount of mod podge for adhesive.

Once almost set, carefully run the exacto-knife along the corner to cut off excessive paper.  This needs to be done with a sharp knife to keep paper from ripping and getting torn.

With the inside edges completed, it’s time to move onto the outer edges.  This is probably the easiest step.  I glued the edges up and then used tape to hold because I got impatient :)  There will be a trim added around the outside that will hide imperfections along the outer edges.

It looks 10x better wrapped in a nice decorative paper, but I love an outer gold frame.

Using a saw, cut the wood trim to fit around the outer edges of the frame and paint.  I used a krylon metallic gold spray paint.

Once the trim has dried, time to attach it to the frame.

I glued each side individually, using clamps to hold them in place while they dried.  After they were dry I carefully hammered in nails at the corners for additional support.

With the trim in place and everything completely dry, it’s time to secure the mirror.  I had some bath and tile caulk left over and used that along the edges of the mirror to hold it in place.

Then using a few pieces of cardboard to further help secure the mirror, staple a nicely cut piece of cardboard over the mirror making sure that it overlaps the frame opening by about 1/2 inch.

And for the grand flip over!!

Here it is with another frame I made last year.

I kind of love any paper with metallic accents, the gold trim helps make them POP!

And here it is in it’s lovely new home!  Our room has made some pretty decent progress, and hopefully soon I will post finished pictures.  I just have one more wall to finish up!

I have a few more completed projects that I will hopefully be able to share.  I am now at 36 weeks and things are starting to get a little hectic and I am scrambling to get things ready for the new little baby!

Quick Update on the siding – it’s finished and looks great, but the hunt for a painter is taking longer than I expected.  We have already been denied by one painter because it’s a lead based paint, so I need to broaden my search.  It’s kind of exhausting.  And a bit of a ticking time bomb.  I’d really like to have the lead paint dealt with before the baby arrives, otherwise we might have to stay at my parents house for a few days while it’s finished up.  Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “{Better Remade} Old Goodwill Mirror

  1. Shandra says:

    I love mine. I have already gotten lots of compliments, which I turn over to you since you are the one that made it! Thanks!

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