Bathroom Vanity Crazy

Get ready for a whole lot of crazy!  You may have heard, I’m sure the internet was buzzing.  The dimensions of the upstairs bathroom are changing.  The contractor wanted to make some changes, for easier framing, and we are gaining about 25 square feet.  Which is great.  IT IS!  But it changes the decisions I’ve made and the items that have been purchased.

After obsessing for months, and even an entire post, and then another, I landed on this:

upstairs board Not so much on the wall paper, but the overall scheme and feel.  And most importantly that 36″ vanity, which is sitting in my garage, and I am totally in love with it.  I love the weathered oak, and the marble…just LOVE!

But now I need 48″ and the kicker is that they don’t make it.  They make it in 36″ and 60.” So now, due to 1 foot, I’ve changed my tune.  I’m now going a little more traditional, neutral with textural elements…how’s that for a description!

It’s really this which started everything:


Gazette 48″ Vanity

And after that, I envisioned this:


Amber Interiors

Sold, right?!

So, a in a new direction I have gone!

upstairs bathroom V2vanity / scones / mirror / overhead lighting / cabinet / towels / rug / faucets

This one incorporates extra chrome scones that I have and can use.  I’m leaning this way because then I can use the gold ones along the stairway, and then they’d match the other lighting out there.

But if I did use the gold sconces in the bathroom…well that changes things:

upstairs bath V3scones / mirror / overhead lighting / cabinet

How beautiful is that Contrapesso light from O&G + Rejuvenations?!  I’d love an excuse to buy it!

So, now you are wondering about my love for the original oak and marble vanity.  Well, fear not, it does come in 60″, which means we could bump it on over to our master bath.  I’m debating…it’s kind of pricey.


But…it works, huh?

Decisions, Decisions….Let me know your thoughts!  Or if you are interested in a 36″ oak and marble vanity :)

One thought on “Bathroom Vanity Crazy

  1. Shandra Nelsen says:

    Oh man! I will be no help because I love all of them. All the things. I do love those gold sconces with that blue med cabinet…

    Also, below it said to enter my website…and now I have one! So, you know, might as well.

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