DIY : Outdoor Storage Bench

While out house is completely out of commission


Like WAY out of commission, we are in a small 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment, and I am fantasizing hardcore about our deck.  Most importantly to be able to just open a door and kick the kids outside, or wander around the yard in the early morning with coffee…that’s my FAV!  Time frame puts us around early July, so there will still be plenty of time to enjoy our yard, but I can’t stop thinking of the sun, the grass, and the lounging.  This was a project that I put together last year and never got around to posting.  But now while I have no space to build, I’m catching up.


The back yard always looked like a little bit of a disaster with all the kids toys strewn about.  A good disaster, but a disaster none the less.  Realizing that I needed some storage, as well as more seating…because who doesn’t need more seating, I put together this bench last year.


It was a fairly easy and cheap project to put together, so thought I’d share to inspire!

It consisted of 2x4s and 8′ cedar fencing.  I started with treated 2x4s to build the frame.  The total length was just about 7.5′.  I wanted to keep it just under 8 feet to give myself a little extra to cut off the yucky ends.

img_0259.jpgBetter Remake I Storage Bench

Very heavy, it made sense to move it into position before adding more lumber on to it.  I have this penchant for making very thick and heavy furniture.  Pros – they last.  Cons – not very mobile.  Using gate hinges, I secured (4) 2x4s, 2 on each side.  The end 2x4s and center were completely screwed down to the frame, where the fencing boards would rest.  img_0342.jpg

This little monkey caught me working after she was “in bed.”  I have a weakness for toddlers and tools.  I couldn’t resist letting her stay up a bit longer to help me out.  Things move a bit slower with my assistant, but I definitely love the company and that she appreciates building.Once all 2x4s were screwed down, the easiest part was adding the cedar fencing.  I made the bench just about 8 feet so I just trimmed down the ends to clean them up.  Obviously I had to cut the top boards in half to have 2 doors.

Better Remake I Storage BenchSo Dreamy!  I love fresh lumber.

The back isn’t the prettiest.  I put up 2 boards to keep stuff from falling out the back.Better Remake I Storage Bench

And I found some chicken wire behind the garage so cut it down and stapled it to the frame to allow water to drain through.  Better Remake I Storage BenchIt’s water proof by any means, but was meant mainly for outdoor toys that I wanted to quickly be able to put away or pull out.Better Remade I Storage Bench

As for the handle, I got some cheap rope, threw in some knots, and staple gunned it on.  Needed it to be thin enough to fit through the boards to open.IMG_0707


And then for the best part – pillow shopping.  I’m not the biggest fan of textile shopping.  Mixing and matching patterns gives me a bit of anxiety, but I was pretty pleased with the choices.Better Remade I Storage BenchAnd even more pleased with the final result.  It was well used over the summer.  I chose not to stain it.  I wanted it to grey a bit.  This summer I might clean it off and put a clear coat on, now that it’s aged.

Better Remade I Storage Bench

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