A DESIGN INVESTIGATION : Bathroom Vanity Hardware

I’m going to call this series “A Design Investigation.”  It’s a deep dive into very specific design problems, comparing photo after photo, to get the proof needed to say, “Yes, that will work!”  Does that come across sarcastic?  If not, it’s supposed to :)

I think with the exception of carpet and exterior colors, most of my design decisions have been finalized.  Though, I’m sure as I say that, I’ll change my mind on something.

I have had quite a few struggles along the way with decision making.  Most of them are very things that most wouldn’t notice…but I will.  And then obviously once I notice, I will not be able un-notice them.

They are very VERY specific things, where I think to myself, “I can do that, right?”  And then I have to go to my references, my favorite designers that hold all the answers and design-wisdom.

Mixing metals.  That’s obviously a YES!  But it get’s more specific.

Let’s start with this.  This is our upstairs vanity.  I LOVE the natural wood color and the marble top.  And GOSH!  It’s so much prettier in person.  Weekly I’ve gone out to the garage to uncover it and just run my hands over it!  EEks!  I love materials.  The stock photo has oil rubbed bronze, which I do think is probably the most complimentary on the wood.


I went so far as to pick the sink and shower facets.  They were beautiful..heavy and solid.


But that oil rubbed bronze just did nothing for me.  I quickly returned and reordered in chrome.  Which was what my heart really desired.


And man oh man!  When I set that handle down on the marble, it was like angels came down singing.  I need that shiny metallic.  The oil rubbed bronze looked so blah.  Decision made.  But then – DOES THE HARDWARE ON THE VANITY NEED TO MATCH THE FAUCET?  I don’t love chrome hardware on the wood.

I should note that I was totally into brushed gold/brass.  The issue that I kept running into was that I wanted to match the sink faucet to the shower.  That’s a whole other post.  While I found gold or brass sink faucets I loved, I couldn’t find matching or complimentary to the shower/tub.  Well…at least within a reasonable price point.  They were quite spendy!!

I’d say about 90% of the bathrooms that I have found online have matching metals from faucet to vanity hardware.  But after looking around at the best, I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t have to, most do – but doesn’t HAVE to.  My favorite piece of evidence:


Mindy Gayer

Isn’t this one (above) gorgeous?!  No, she didn’t match the fixtures and vanity hardware.  And what is even more great – They are totally different styles, but the balance.  All about balance, my friends.  The faucet is chrome and definitely more traditional, and the hardware is gold and modern, and then ties into the lighting.  Perfect!



And then there’s this:


Amber Interiors

I mean, if Amber does it, it’s definitely a good idea!

And what about this?  Not only are they different colors, but different materials completely!  LEATHER!  I really might have to consider this.  The current pulls aren’t bad, but these make me re think.  Maybe I’ll revisit when the house is complete and I can focus energy on to the small details.  UPDATE :: I think that I am completely team leather now.  Though that still leaves me with the decision of the screw metal through the leather…ah!  When will this end?!

lada webster

Lada Webster

This is where I have currently landed.  The wallpaper is a stand in.  I want something standout, bold, geometric, and quirky.  I think the wallpaper decision will have to have family involvement.  There is a whole story, which I might put together in a post with just wallpaper options.

upstairs board

sconce / wallpaper / shiplap color / vanity / toilet / faucet / shower faucet

Please feel free to through awesome wallpaper suggestions at me!   I have to focus my attention on a few other pressing decisions before the wallpaper.

And aside from the bathroom, here is an update on the house.  Obviously a ways before we are installing the bathroom.  We’ve had a few foundation poured.  The forms came off last week, and the floor framing has begun!


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