Help! DIY Emergency!

We are about 70% of the way through out deck.  We have all the joists in and are working on the stair treads.  They have become a huge pain.  It’s been so tempting to stop the stairs where they are, but I just keep envisioning full steps down to the yard…I keep having to remind myself how wonderful it will be!

photoAnd then…Monday the washing machine broke!  Of course it did!  They are older and came with the house.  We’ve briefly discussed over the years getting new ones.  The washer isn’t very water efficient and the dryer takes about 2 1/2 cycles to fully dry a load.  Now apparently is as good a time as any.

The good news though is that we are headed toward memorial day, and everyone is having appliance sales.  The timing is good.  The exact opposite of, oh I don’t know…let’s say, the furnace going out Friday night and having to wait until Monday for heat.  (Totally my choice – I refused to pay a weekend surcharge)

My hope was that we’d be able to choose when we were going to replace the washer and dryer because I’d really like to re vamp the laundry hall a bit, especially the flooring.  So, remember how in my previous post I mentioned how good I am at abandoning one project to work on another…well…meet the laundry room floor.   A room that I’ve tried to keep out of the blog – it’s a bit 2(2)

It’s a very small space, 2 walls royal blue, 2 walls camo green, and icky red carpet.  The red carpet is over not 1, but 2 layers of wood print laminate.    photo 3 photo 4 photo 1(1)There is definitely a LOT going on in such a small space.  And unfortunately I can’t completely finish this right away, but while moving the washer and dryer, I can get the floor done.  I hadn’t given it much thought since this room wasn’t on my radar, but suddenly it’s on the top of my list.  My main criteria is something quick and easy.  I’ve decided on black and white vinyl self stick tiles.  I think this is the perfect room for them.  It’s not high traffic and I think it will be so much cleaner.  It will look especially crisp against the new white LG washer and dryer that we chose.

washer dryer Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.11.53 AM.pngAnd then hopefully once the deck it complete we can add a counter over the washer/dryer and put some proper storage above.  While I love the open shelving, I’m hoping to get some dining room storage that those can move to, and we can do some upper white cabinets for cleaning  and dog supplies.

This is where my plea for help comes in – do any of you have experience with the self stick vinyl tiles?  Or brands that you’d recommend?  Please share, I know nothing.  :)

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