Waiting on one, starting on another!

As I work on collecting frames and waiting for them to dry as I alternate between priming, sanding, and drying…I have been working on the upstairs
{to the left of the stairs}                                             {to the right of the stairs}

Our attic is one large room with a staircase in the middle which has disaster written all over it…So I have taken it upon myself to do something about it, not only for the sake of safety, but also so

  1. I can build storage, clear off my “desk” and make a real place to work.
  2. I can hide my desk from the couch, so when people are over hanging out upstairs they can’t see my mess.
  3. I can hang the posters that I gave Jesse.
  4. I can transfer books from the shelf in our bedroom, give it away, and re-do the bedroom!

Here are a few quick process photos of how I built the shelf.  I screwed footers into the floor to attach the frame of the shelves.  What would be worse than someone falling over the edge and down the stairs you ask?  Someone pushing against the shelves and falling down the stairs ON TOP of a book shelf!!  I built everything in place mainly because nothing in our house is straight, so I had to build and measure as I went along.  I took the extra time to drill holes into the vertical planks so that the shelves could be adjustable.  Once the frame was built and attached I worked on framing everything in.

This is where it is at now.  I have been cutting, priming, sanding, and drying for weeks…seems to be a pattern, I know!

The next step is to finish the walls and the rest of the room!  The sun is finally starting to come out, so it’s a lot harder to finish indoor projects.

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