I’m back…well I’ll try my best

I keep not posting because I don’t know how to start after being away so long.  I figure before I post any more projects, I have to update by 30 Before Baby List.  There are a bunch of things that I did near the end that I never posted about.  I barely had energy to do them let alone writing and posting photos :)

So I’ll spend the next week or 2 posting updates on what I’ve done.  I will try to keep them quick and brief because I have more projects that I want to post!

I’ll start by sharing Lucy’s room.  Number 20 on my list was Paint walls, buy crib, dresser, shelving, and chair…and decorate.  Last we left off, this is what I had.

And since then we purchased the crib and started filling the shelves and covering the walls!  This is what we brought Lucy home to.

We moved things around a bit so that when we can see her sleeping from the doorway.

The corner windows give us a great sunny reading spot.  I’d love to add a pink pouf, but as you can see, it’s a little tight on space.

The prints on the wall were done by 3 of my co-workers.  I love them and have gotten so many wonderful compliments!

So there you have Lucy’s room and the completion on #20 on my list.  I will try to get the living room update, #15 and #16, posted in the next few days!


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