A modified achievement

In my 30 before baby post, I listed that one of the things that we needed to get done was build a second raised vegetable garden bed…Turns out that there are many more than 30 things that I need to do before I have the baby :)  Like for today’s example, find a new location to store linens that have been displaced by baby “things.”  I didn’t realize how much more storage I was going to have to find around the house.

Originally we were going to build a matching large bed to sit next to this one.  But the days are getting away from us, and I have had my little seedlings in the garage and they have out grown their mini pots.  It was either let them die or get them a garden pronto!  And with our next month of weekends being filled by 30th Birthdays (mine!!), weddings, and baby showers it has became obvious to me that we aren’t going to be building a new raised bed…so next best thing, I cleaned up the one that we already had!

Plus I figure we can try again next spring when I have all my energy back… and a 9 month old crawling around!  EEks! :)

This was the nice bed we built last spring:

Notice the small badly overgrown bed in the background, well now imagine it brown.  Oh wait, you don’t have to…here it is:

There was a lot of dead sage and oregano, along with a hidden frisbee, and stuffed hedgehog dog toy that managed to spend the whole winter in hibernation under the dead brush.  It took about an hour to clear it out.  And I really should have done it earlier because it looks so much better.

I know, not too exciting…but what is exciting is what’s going on underneath.  We’ve got pumpkin, zucchini, corn and carrots going on!  And this year we branched out a little and added asparagus and broccoli.  We’ve never grown that before, but hopefully it should work out.  I’m a little nervous about the asparagus, seems a little overly exotic!

All in all, I didn’t exactly finish this out how I had hoped, but it’s definitely enough to be functional, not an eye sore, and I still get to cross it off my list!

And even more exciting that the vegetable garden, I have another big item that I get to cross off in a few weeks!  I will post details soon…meeting with the contractor in a half hour!  Yippy!!


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