Sand Prime Paint! – Part 2: Emily’s Garden Club Chairs

I’m just going to start out by saying, this will probably be the least viewed blog post ever!  Or maybe it will tie with my Super Random Secret Trick post :)  That was a bit lack luster, but I thought it was pretty clever and shareable!

I had to do this post for accountability, to keep myself on track, and it did just that.  I went out early before work, during lunch breaks, and after work just to get it done by today…and secretly – the paint is still a little tacky.

First I cleaned the chair.  I used a stiff bristle brush to get in the caning and the corners.  Then I lightly sanded.  Just enough to get rid of the light gloss and give it a slightly rougher finish for the primer to stick.  Then I wiped it down to get rid of the dust.

I taped up the casters and started priming.  I used a spray because of the caning.  The spray does lighter coats than a brush and can get into all the little over-under spots in the weave.

I left that to dry for a few days then did a light sand, but not enough to take off the primer.  Then I just went for it with the Meadow Green paint.  I’ll be honest, I almost stopped after I painted the first leg to rethink my color choice.  I was slightly surprised by the brightness of the color.  I love bright and bold colors in pictures, but I have a fear of doing them myself.  I think it’s an insecurity, I always doubt I can pull them off…but I’m going for it this time!

Tell me it looks like a nice green and not the color of a traffic light!  Please… :)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to strip and paint the other chair so that I can upholster them at the same time.  With the Holidays, a vacation, and a big 30th birthday (not mine) coming up in next 3 weeks, it’s probably going to be pushed into December.  But I’ll have other things to post, I’m sure!

5 thoughts on “Sand Prime Paint! – Part 2: Emily’s Garden Club Chairs

    • betterremade says:

      I know…I know! :) They are in the garage all ready to go. I have the fabric and the foam. I just need to DO IT! Thanks for keeping me accountable, that’s part of the reason I started blogging :) I promise, I’ll finish up soon!

  1. Kristen says:


    I was wondering if you ever posted the final phases of this project? I am reupholstering an identical chair (first time recovering a chair) and I would love to read your tutorial!

    • betterremade says:

      Hi Kristen,
      I am super sad to report – I ended up giving them away without finishing them. How much of a failure am I?! They just sat in the garage, and with a new little baby, I can’t get anything accomplished, and have a friend that is doing upholstery.

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