DIY: Felt Christmas Trees

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to start a Christmas collection.  Some people collect nutcrackers, some snow globes, I decided to collect Christmas trees.  Originally I thought I would make one or two each year in a different way, but last year I cheated and bought a mirror mosaic one.

These were my first trees! They were not DIY, but I love them and their little wood bases!

I bought them about 6 years ago and love setting them up every year.  The best part is every year I manage to forget I have them, so when I open the decorations box I get so excited!  I think that’s the best part about holiday decorating – pulling the decorations box out of storage, going through it, and with each rediscovered treasure saying “I remember this one!”

This is my first DIY tree:

And to be honest, I still really love it!  It’s just a foam cone base with leaves that I cut out and curled.  I pinned each leaf to the cone.  Then at the end I cut out little yellow paper stars, glued a pin to the back and carefully stuck the pin in.  I love how the star seem to float.

This year, I found inspiration for my newest DIY tree on Pinterest

For supplies, I used: 1 foam cone, scissors, glue, box of pearl head pins, and 5 sheets of felt.   I chose to go with 3 light green, and 2 dark green.  For a circle template I used a little tea light tin, traced it onto the felt, and cut them out.   It goes pretty fast if you fold the felt into multiple layers.

Then starting at the bottom, run a line of glue around the cone and overlap the felt circles, putting a pearl pin in the center of each one.  And then just work your way up!

For the top, I cut out a larger circle and glued it like a cap that extended about 1/2 inch down the cone.  Then once I got to the top, I just pinned the top layer of circles to hide it.

It goes pretty nicely with my growing collection of trees!

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