Pinterest Challenge : Holiday Placemats

It’s time!  And I’m so excited!  I completely missed summer’s edition of the Pinterest Challenge!

So this time I was all in!  I know Halloween has barely past, but I wanted to work on something festive and Christmasy.  I think the house looks much better with Holiday decorations everywhere.  It’s so cheery!

I decided I needed a little more table decor.  I have pinned a few burlap placemats and wanted to put my own spin on things!  Here are a few that I have pinned to my DIY board.

While I did go the burlap route, I added some Christmas cheer!

For Supplies I used: 1/2 yard cream canvas, 1/2 yard cream burlap, (1) 8×10 sheet of green felt, (4) bobby pins, heatnbond tape, and (4) red flowers. (Flowers DIY’d here), and scissors, iron, sewing machine, needle, and thread.

I started out by cutting my canvas and burlap down to size.  I cut it about 1/2 to 1 inch larger than a placemat that I had on hand.

Using the existing placemat as a guide, I ironed down the edges of the canvas to give the placemats a nice edge.

Once all the edges were folded in, I ironed heatnbond tape along the hem to secure it.  Side note: Originally I did this in hopes that I could then just iron on the burlap, and completely skip the sewing machine, but the fabrics were too thick and the heatnbond strips didn’t hold well.  It was nice though when sewing to have them held in place so I didn’t have to adjust everything while sewing.

Once all the stripes were ironed around the edges, I waited for them to cool, and removed the paper backing.  Then I ironed the burlap onto the folded side of the canvas, making sure to get a lot of heat around the edges and corners.

I pulled out the sewing machine and sewed a straight line about 1/4 inch from the edge of the canvas.  I decided to leave the burlap uncut until after all the edges were sewn to keep them from unraveling.

Once the edges were sewn, I flipped the placemats over and cut off the excess burlap.  The burlap started unraveling pretty quickly, but that’s part of the appeal of burlap, and with the sewn edge, it couldn’t unravel much.

That marks the end of the placemat portion!  Now on to the fun part!  I consider it a fun part, because it’s mindless meaning that you can do it in front of a TV watching poor quality programing.  That’s how I rate my crafts! :)

I cut out rough holly leaf shapes in cardstock to use as a pattern when cutting the felt.  I cut out 8 holly leaves, 2 for each placemat.

Using a needle and black thread sew the holly leaves, red flower, and bobby pin together.  Red flower on top, 2 holly leaves positioned at about 45-90 degrees apart from each other, and the bobby pin on the bottom.  Try to keep the bobby pin directly underneath a holly leaf so that it isn’t visible from the top.

Then once that is finished, the holly leaf flower can be pinned into the burlap!  I chose to go with bobby pins so I can remove them and pin them with something else depending on the season!  Interchangeable!

I pinned mine in the upper left cover as to not interfere with the drinking glass :)

And for a nicely set table!  I think I just want to leave it like this all day.  It makes me feel organized and put together! :)

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