{Better Remade} Leftovers – Fish Taco Scramble

I will start this out by saying that I am not a cook!  But I like to try!  One thing that I love making is breakfast from the previous night’s leftovers.

Obviously next time I will take a picture before I devour half of it, but it wasn’t until was almost done that I realized it would make an awesome breakfast.  And it was taken with my (old) iphone, so double apologies.

After a fun Saturday night out on the town, I rolled out of bed Sunday morning and pulled out the leftovers.

I chopped them up,

threw them in a pan,

added the eggs,

And scrambled it all up!

A little cheese, sour cream, toast, and Voila!

I can admit that it probably doesn’t look as good as the fish tacos did when they were fresh…but the fish taco scramble was good!

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