Stating my Intentions

I get distracted easily, so I think that I must state my intentions.  I figure that if I develop a plan and write it down, it will be more likely to get done!

Let’s start with the upstairs!
{Our little office nook}

This is what I’d like to do!

{just think of it as a cute thumbnail sketch!}

There is so much wasted space under the desk and table that are there now.  In my perfect world, with all the cash I need, I would do this…

{Pottery Barn – Bedford Home Office}

It would look so great, a desk extending from wall to wall, with a combination of drawers and shelves…but the good news is that it looks simple enough, that I think that I can make something similar!

And for our bedroom!
{pretty bare}
I hate that window!  There is another window on the adjacent wall, not shown in the photos, that actually streams light in the morning.  The window shown in the picture just gets in the way of centering anything on the wall.  My plan is to board it up, and run floor to ceiling white curtains along the whole wall, giving it a relaxed, light, airy feel!  I just bought the night stands, and will have those built, painted, and stained soon!  As much as I hate all the rain that we have been getting, it’s a good way to keep me indoors finishing our room!

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