Need a little more than just a sketch…

In my mind when I drew the little sketch thumbnails of what I wanted to do with the upstairs and our bedroom, I thought they looked really cute!  Turns out they look like a kindergartener drew them…so I decided I needed to try my hand at creating a mood board!

This is my basic concept for the upstairs.  The couch shown isn’t our exact couch, but a similar colored one from DANIA.  The ottoman is ours, we got it from Macys.  The side table and pieces of the desk are IKEA.  I am not totally sure if that is what I will use for the desk, but it will be similar.

And this is our bedroom.  Looking at it, I feel very motivated to work on it and get it done.  Of course I say that as it is 10:58pm and I will be in bed within 15 minutes.  So it might just be that I am very tired and want to crawl in to that perfectly made fluffy bed above.  (Ours is currently covered in laundry that I’ll have to deal with as soon as I open the bedroom door) ;)  Either way, I hope the motivation will hold for a few more weeks.  I love the duvet cover, we got it from our Crate and Barrel wedding registry.  I have the dresser parked in the middle of my living room as well as the bed side tables.  Both of which are from IKEA.  The dresser is Hemnes and the bedside table is RAST.  I am planning on refinishing the bedside tables and building a custom head board that will tie everything together.  I’ll be sure to post as I build the head board so you can follow along!  You can see the curtains in the background, they are what I am planning to hang across the whole wall to cover up the awkward window and hopefully help keep the warmth inside and the cold out!

My goal is to post some actual pictures up within the next few weeks!!

Wish me luck!

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