The last year…

You might be able to tell from my last rambling post, I tend to jump around a bit…all over the place and unfortunately the same is true for working on the house.  The room that I posted above…that I started patching the walls in last year…well, here it is now..TA DA!

Not much progress (womp womp).  We had guests, and all of a sudden I needed a room that didn’t have white chalky walls that would brush off on their clothing.  So some spackle, some sanding, and primer…and Voila!  A make shift guest room and hasn’t made progress since last summer.

I came to conclusion that it was one of the last rooms that people would see, unless they were staying the night that is :)  So I worked on the dining room…



then I worked on the living room…



Both are works in progress.  I need to work on the walls, and some last finishing touches.  Here are some hints of what’s to come!

2 thoughts on “The last year…

  1. Vicki says:

    I love that Leia is posing for the picture. She looks so regal! Adorable dog and great job on the house projects. So far it looks amazing to me!

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