Hello Blog world

Welcome to my blog!   This is where I will document the work that I do, so on lazy days, I can look back and see the transformations and hopefully feel more inspired and productive! And also so friends and family can see what we are up to!

I meant to start this over a year ago when my husband and I bought our first home!  It is in pretty good condition, but still a fixer.  Of course every time I thought “I should start a blog and post this project,” I instead told myself, “I’ll just finish this, take plenty of pictures and post later.”  And here I am a year and a half later, and I am just starting…I do however have a year and a half’s worth of pictures.

It hasn’t been quite as eventful as I had hoped when we first bought the house.  Turns out that working full time and trying to have a social life, doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to work on a house, and don’t forget the yard!  So it’s been a slow journey.  (Can I call it a journey if it’s only been a year and a half?)

Instead of tearing down walls, renovating a bathroom, and tiling floors, which is how I always thought in my mind a fixer-upper would go, I spend a better part of a year just patching holes…

Here’s the story – during our inspection we found out that the attic was knob and tube electrical wiring.  We knew that was going to have to be updated, what we didn’t know was that somehow they missed the whole rest of the house.  So the electrician came to rewire the attic, and instead ended up rewiring the whole house.  Because I thought it would just be the attic, I said that I would patch all the holes…and in the end, rewiring the whole house left 40+ holes!  And every hole was a new surprise!  There were empty junction boxes, random wiring, new switches…and my favorite…the discovery that the plaster walls were no longer attached to the wood lathe!

Instead of just patching the holes, I decided while I was having to prime, sand, paint, and repaint, I might as well fix the plaster wall.

This was the method I used to fix it – I’d drill holes all around the cracks to create pilot holes, fill with caulk adhesive then place a screw with 2 inch washer through plaster layer into lathe, where it would stay for 48 hours, until I unscrewed it, then patched!  For the front bedroom alone, I used over 200 screws…I would do about 35 at a time!

This had to be done in the dining room as well, depressing I know!  I thought we were going to be working on a house where people would walk in, and look around in awe of the changes.  But instead we have walls, just walls, and no one gets excited about the fact that we have walls that are now attached to the lathe!  But at least now I know that they aren’t falling down!

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