A Room Undone

It’s amazing to me after putting so much time into creating a room how quickly it can be undone.  I spent hours and hours working on putting our bedroom together.  I hung a full wall of curtains to block the window in order to center the bed.  I definitely a center and balance kind of person.

IMG_1166 Better Remade I BedroomZach has been sleeping in a little bassinet between my side of the bed and the wall.  But he really needs his own room.  He sounds like a little animal, constantly grunting and moaning…it’s kind of cute though.

Our plan is to move our bedroom upstairs, move Lucy into our room, and Zach into hers.  Our bedroom is slightly larger, so we can hopefully stash more toys and books in there as well.  I’m working on finishing up her toddler bed and Zach will be passed down the crib.

Our hope is to get a bathroom put in upstairs.  We might only be able to do a half bath, but definitely better than no bath.  We’ll see.  Hopefully some contractors will be by this afternoon to take a look and I’ll have more information in the next week.

Until then we decided to get started on getting things in order.  This was how the room looked years ago.  It was 90% man den, 10% stash zone.


But over the past few years, we’ve used it less.  We stayed downstairs a lot more in order to hear Lucy. The room became 90% stash zone, 10% man den.

IMG_3236Yikes, right?!  The upstairs was my dirty secret.  I kept meaning to deal with it, but this summer it was so incredibly hot and stuffy.  Then by fall, I was so big, I could barely climb the stairs.

Not sure when construction could get started, we did what we could to hold ourselves over.  We moved the couch out to the garage, and the bed up stairs.  Unfortunately the box spring did not fit through the doorway and up the stairs due to the steep angle.  The mattress barely made it.  We’ll have to revisit the bed when things come together, but until then this is our temporary sleeping quarters.  The tape on the wall is where we are thinking of putting a wall up for the bathroom.

IMG_3321And then our room, waiting for Lucy.

IMG_3319The room feels so light and spacious without a huge queen bed in the center.  We are waiting to move her in until we can replace the windows.  They are painted shut, are not sealed making the room about 5-10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house.  I think that the curtain wall definitely helped insulate it a bit.

So, this is where we find ourselves this week.  I’ve had to come to terms with the chaos, and be okay have half my bedroom upstairs and half downstairs.  But it’s progress!  And I’ve purged about a car’s worth of stuff to Goodwill.  That definitely felt good!



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