{Beautiful Houses} Newport Beach

I am completely officially house project over whemed!  Stressed OUT!

I know…I know, in my last post I said that I was going to share the latest projects, but I can’t decide where to start.  I have about 3 projects that I am getting started on/need to continue, AND then there is the yard, which stresses me out even more.  I thought I wasn’t going to have to deal with the yard until at least April, but then it went and got sunny.  Suddenly all the bulbs are starting to pop up, and our yard has yet to recover from our wall repair and new fence last fall.  They back dug the wall to put in drain rock, and all the dirt is filled with rocks and now spread across what used to be our lawn.

I thought I’d just catch you up on how fast my head is spinning!  So…it was such a wonderful change of pace to fly south for a few days to visit my aunt.  There are some absolutely gorgeous houses in her neighborhood, which I thought I’d share.

When I’m overwhelmed with my own home, I like to lose myself in others!  Ah!  All the inspiration!

BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful HousesLove this one so much, I had to share another view!BetterRemade I Beautiful Houses

BetterRemade I Beautiful HousesAhh!  LOVE THEM ALL!  You can definitely tell what design aesthetic I am drawn toward…I know, they all look alike after a while.  But they make me forget about the “in progress” disasters I have here in this place.

But I promise…no more hiding.  While I know some of our projects aren’t going to be quick, I should get started sharing updates in the hope that it will keep me accountable and pressure me to keep going!!

Side note – I realize as I keep scrolling through these, I LOVE a big tree in the front yard.  I’ll have to keep that in mind as I deal with the yard.

Have a good rest of the week!

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