{DIY} Holiday Felt Garland

I’m going to be honest about this post.  I made the garland last year, but couldn’t actually get myself to put a post together before the holidays.  So I am finishing it off this year.

One reason I love the holiday season is because it totally inspires me to make charming little holiday decorations!  Last year, I made these felt trees.

Better Remade - DIY felt christmas treeAnd this year, I have made felt poinsettia garland.

Better Remade - Felt poinsettia garland

My inspiration was found in the West Elm catalog.

west elm garland

I know…looks very similar.  I barely have the time to get crafts done, and definitely don’t have time to come up with them myself…so sometimes I just put my own minimal spin on them!

Better Remade - felt flowersFirst I cut out a bunch of flower shapes using a tag board template, I did some larger and some smaller.

Then I made little pom poms by wrapping butcher twine around my fingers about 15 times and then using thread, I cinched it at opposite sides,Better Remade - how to make a pompom tightly tied the thread in to a knot,Better Remade - how to make a pompom And then cut the twine about 3/8 inch from threaded cinch and fluffed it a bit.Better Remade - Felt poinsettia garland And lastly using needle and thread, I sewed the little pom pom through the felt flower and around some jute twine.Better Remade - Felt poinsettia garlandI envisioned putting it around the tree, but decided 10 flowers was enough for me, and it goes perfectly around the doorway!

Better Remade - Felt poinsettia garland

It’s not super holiday-ish so it can easily stay up all year round…which of course mine did!

Have you found any great Holiday crafts?!

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