{Kitchen} Cabinet Colors and Off Topic Fencing

You can scroll through my ramblings and photos – but I need advice at the end!

A few years ago this was my dream kitchen inspiration.

original inspirationAnd this is where I am now:

IMG_5394I’m still very much in love with my original inspiration, along with these:

better remade I Kitchen inspiration{the marion house book}

better remade I Kitchen inspiration{house and home}

better remade I Kitchen inspiration

better remade I Kitchen inspiration{house and home}

My plan from the beginning was to go dark on the lower cabinets, but once the counters went grey I started to rethink dark lowers…Would it be too grey?   So I did what needed to be done – I photoshopped.  Kind of poorly, I’ll admit. :)

All White – no photoshopping:

IMG_5394White Lowers with Benjamin Moore Sylvan Mist on the walls:

mist wall white lowerWhite Lowers with Benjamin Moore After Midnight on the walls:

grey wall white cabinetBenjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal on the lowers and white walls:

(the kitchen cart is kendall charcoal)

grey lower white wallBenjamin Moore After Midnight on the lowers and white walls:

white wall navy cabinetBenjamin Moore After Midnight on the lowers and Ice Milk walls:

cream wall navy cabinetCan you tell I stumbled upon a BM color palette that sucked me right in? :)

bm colorsSo, let me just narrow it down.  After doing the photoshopping These are my top 2:

Better Remade I top picsI guess I can say that I am drawn to contrast.  The windows are so big that I could definitely get away with going dark.  And after looking through my inspiration, I think that a super dark navy would look really sharp.  I really like the the kendall charcoal, again on the kitchen cart, but I almost feel like it might be a bit safe choice.  Now I am a safe person, but part of me wants to go out on a limb and try something daring, and bold.  I know, Is it really that daring? :)

And then part of me is telling myself to stick with white because it’s classic and might be better for resale…and then in that case, I could just go bold and sharp on the walls.

Ah…help please!  Which should I go with?

And just for a quick update, for anyone that is curious about our fencing endeavors.   We busted our butts and got a new fence up along the 140′ side of our property.  It went much quicker than I thought and really wasn’t too bad, especially when you figure it saved us 4K.  Now if only someone would give me that cash!!!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5photo 5But I hope I didn’t distract!  Back to color advice, I need it!! :)

5 thoughts on “{Kitchen} Cabinet Colors and Off Topic Fencing

  1. Karen Boroughs says:

    I like the gray walls, white cabinets. If you still aren’t satisfied once you’ve lived with that after a while you can always try option 2. I figure painting the walls are much easier than cabinets so try that first!

  2. Shandra says:

    I like the light green with white cabinets, but I also like the grey with white cabinets. The grey looked a little heavy/dark but the color is really nice. I just like that green color. I feel like it draws attention to your nice big windows rather than the little strip of wall above them. Does that makes sense? Good job on the fence!!!

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