The New Siding is Finished!!

One more thing I can cross off my 30 Before Baby List!!

Last I shared the photo of our house, it looked like this.  I had come home on my lunch break to find the demo had already begun.  I was a little in shock second guessing what we were getting ourselves into.Luckily though by 6, when I arrived home after work, the house looked like this.  I know it’s just house wrap, but it just looks so much better, like something good is about to happen. :)

And a day and half later, it was turned into this beauty!

Wait!  Before:

And after:

Oh My Gosh!  So much better!

I’m really happy with the framing around the entry and the windows.  I don’t think it looks too massive.

There is quite a bit of caulking around all the windows.  You can’t see it from afar, but once you get closer in it’s definitely noticeable.

Ok, one more time from the front.  I can’t help myself.

Now, my only issue is that I think the light yellow looks so much better than the dark green that I don’t feel the strong motivation to get quotes from painters…though I know I really need to!  I feel like if I am this excited about one side of the house being half way complete, I will be VERY happy when all sides are complete!  Plus I can’t get the taller cedar trees until the house is painted.  And also, I look forward to not having the gutter drains be a contrasting color.  Thought I still need to figure out how to tackle the large wall between the windows on the left.

Any good ideas?  I’m desperate!!  I supposed I could always do 3 cedar trees on that side??

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