Pinterest Challenge: Rustic Bud Vases

For the second time in two days, I am attempting the…

Hosted by the lovely ladies Sherry at Young House Love and Katie at Bower Power!

After yesterday’s failure, I wasn’t left with much time to scrap something new together.  I still had Perrier bottle bud vases on my mind…what else am I to do with my little collection?

This is another pin that I have had on my DIY board for about a month.  I keep going back to it, it’s such a great use of old bottles, and rustic wood…which I just happen to have a garage full of.

pinned from shanty-2-chic

This definitely seemed less ambitious, and after spending hours working on burning glass, I was ready for something could guarantee me success!  To get started I needed:

  1. 12″ threaded 3/8″ rod (with a hack saw to cut into 2″ pieces)
  2. (3) 3/8″ ceiling flange
  3. (3) 3/4″ split ring hanger
  4. a pack of picture hangers
  5. wood screws (I used #9-1 1/2″)
  6. Approx 18″ long piece of scrap wood (the piece I used was 7″ wide)
  7. (3) clean and empty Perrier bottles

I got most of my supplies at Lowes.  For some reason they were incredibly hard to track down, so I finally ordered them online and picked them up at the store.

My wood I had on hand from my shed demolition last spring.  I love the color and texture of it.  It’s worn and dark, the perfect contrast to soft spring blooms!

I cut the board down to 18″, aligned, and spaced the flanges about 1/4″ from the top.

I drilled small pilot holes, and then screwed in the flanges.

On the backside of the board I nailed in 2 picture hangers.  I measured down just over an inch.  In retrospect, I’d would have done it about half an inch from the top so it would hang a bit better.

Using a hack saw I cut the threaded rod into (3) 2″ long pieces.  This was the most tedious part…my shoulder still feels a little numb, like I got a massive flu shot!

But once they were cut, it was all down hill!  I screwed them into the flanges.

And then onto the rods, I screwed the hangers.  The hangers came in 2 parts with screws to assemble.

I placed the bottle on the hanger and assembled the hanger around the neck of the bottle.

And here it is with the 3 bottles.

Next and last step, hang and fill!!

We have an empty wall in our kitchen that is screaming for more color!  Mind you, white tulips don’t add much extra color I know, but in a few months I will have so many more colors of flowers to put in those vases, can’t wait!!

I must mention the other thing I love about this is that it gets the vases off the counter.  I am not a fan of counter clutter so this perfect for me!

Did any of you complete the Pinterest challenge this season?  I can’t wait to check out all of the other projects!  Be sure to check them out today on YHL , Bower Power, Hi Sugerplum!, and The Great Indoors!

18 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Rustic Bud Vases

  1. The Artist Makena says:

    I agree with the above. :)
    & I think this is WAY better than the other Pinterest Challenge too!

    Gorgeous and fun! (& pretty simple it seems!)

    p.s. It looks especially lovely where you hung it and with the white accents!

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