A New Dishwasher

Unfortunately I have to admit that I haven’t remade anything in a while.  I think about it all the time, and then that is as far as it goes…but we did make a little progress in the kitchen!  A new dishwasher!  Exciting, right?

You buy a house and suddenly it’s exciting to get things like appliances and vacuums.  I’ve been looking forward to a new dishwasher for a while.  The dishwasher that we had required that all the dishes be clean before they go in the dishwasher, otherwise food was just dried to the plates and flat ware.  So last week we went out with the intention of browsing, but then we found a slightly damaged stainless steel Bosch dishwasher discounted.  The only issue was that the kick plate was dented along one edge…but the kick plate isn’t even visible.  Our original budget was $400, and this one was originally $800 marked down to $560.  The sales women knew our price range and mentioned that if we were interested she could check to see if it could be discounted further.  We took her up on the offer, and they were willing to take it down to $400 with free delivery and removal of the old one!!  Woohoo!  I was thrilled, I walked out very excited but slightly disappointed that I had to wait a entire week for it to arrive.

The week flew by and I completely forgot about everything until last night when I got home from work to find the old dishwasher next to the front door.  I’m glad someone remembered!  They dropped it off around 10am.  At noon we started installing, and finished around 3pm…we had some issues.  It really wasn’t hard to install, but as a reminder…always read the instructions first!  To be honest, it was pretty annoying that the one sunny day we’ve had in a while we spent inside frustrated on the floor with water spraying out of the supply line!

But finally in the end, it looked wonderful!  Check out that fancy red light on the floor – that means it’s running!  It’s too quite to actually hear it running!

But then after all that excitement, all there was left to do were the dishes that had been sitting out for two days…and all I thought was that was a waste of excitement!

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