garden shed – phase 1 complete

By Sunday evening I demolished the “carport” built on to the side of our little shed.  The trim along the roof frame was completely split, so my plan for Monday was to rip off the old trim and cut and paint new trim.  And of course as soon as I started painting it started raining.  Not pouring, just a few sprinkles, like it just couldn’t make up it’s mind, on and off for hours!  There’s Seattle for you!  But I was determined to get this finished  so every half hour I went out for a new coat.

{Trim ripped off}

In between hammering and demo, I’d turn around to make sure that my helper was staying out of trouble!

{She looks a little TOO innocent}

By Tuesday evening the trim was painted and cut to fit the pitch, so before work on Wednesday I got the new trim up.  I’m typically not that productive so soon after getting out of bed…it must have been my excitement to get it finished.

I am calling this completion of Phase 1 of our garden shed make-over.  Phase 2 will be refinishing and fitting the french doors, and phase 3 will be new paint!

I’m still working on a new home for the fire wood under the blue tarp.  As great as the bright blue looks against the shed, I think it would look better else where!

2 thoughts on “garden shed – phase 1 complete

  1. Marc says:

    Emily, I love your blog! You are so creative and have a good sense of “style”. How did you learn to do all of this? It wasn’t from me. I took the advice seriously when in dental school they said “You are a dentist! Now stay away from power tools!” I enjoy your humorous writing style. Keep it up, you’ll be “discovered” someday! Love, Dad

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