Baby’s Room Progress

I know I haven’t been posting much.  I haven’t gotten many good short projects finished, but instead have been working on the long projects…Like the baby’s room.  Last we left off I had patched the ceiling and installed a new light fixture.  But still needed to prime and paint the ceiling and the walls.  Here is how you last saw the room.And here is the room is now!

Obviously it wasn’t that quick of a transformation.  First and one of the more grueling steps was cleaning out the room.  It was our catch-all room for 2 years, so we had to go through the boxes of things that we could never really make our mind up about.  And then I had to move all of my tools and paint out to the garage.  Turns out a baby’s room isn’t an appropriate place to store drills, nails, hammers, along with primer, paint, and adhesives :)

It was incredible the difference in just cleaning off the floor.  It was so refreshing to see the nice hardwood floor.  Which got covered up again, but always nice to know it’s there and looks pretty!

Here is the room all painted!  I repainted the trim, it was a creamy off white that was kind of bland.  Didn’t have the “POP” that white trim should have, so I brightened it right up.  The photo was taken at night, so my colors are a little off, but you can still see the dazzle of the over head mini chandelier.  With the room all cleared out and clean we moved in the rug that was previously in the living room.  It was just too light for a dog and foot traffic, so I had it trimmed and cleaned for the baby’s room.  And next was my favorite step…putting together the furniture.

I’m sure you recognize the boxes…IKEA!  I love putting together ikea furniture.  I had a nice cup of coffee, sat in the middle of the room, and  assembled a dresser and shelf all day.  And once it was finished…

The lovely shelf ready for books and toys.

And the dresser.  Initially I was thinking of putting the crib in that corner, but now thinking that I will put the shelf there and the crib where the shelf is.  I haven’t bolted anything to the walls yet luckily.  I will do that once the arrangement makes sense.  The room is very tight.  I moved in the chair and suddenly thought if we have this chair we can’t have a crib.  But I think if we rearrange the shelf and crib it will work.  I still don’t have a crib :)  One of these days.

This is the view of the closet.  I’m not totally sold on the baskets, I need to look around a little more.  They catch a little when you pull them out, so I am nervous that they are going to get totally destroyed.  But then on the other hand, I figure everything kind of gets destroyed when you have a little baby running around.  I picture her trying to climb the shelves…maybe that’s because that is what I did as a child. :)

And here is our little guardsman.  He is a bookend I got at Land of Nod, but our house is a little crooked and the door doesn’t like to stay open.  He is just heavy enough to keep the door propped open and so far Leia has left him alone.

So that is where I am at with the baby’s room.  I still need to find some curtains, a crib, bedding, and some wall art…definitely time to start accessorizing!

6 thoughts on “Baby’s Room Progress

  1. Shandra says:

    So cute Em! I’m so excited to see all the progress you are making. It looks beautiful. You know how I love yellow and grey. The light fixture is great as well and I really loved reading your post about that as well. Shan

  2. Vicki says:

    Oh it is all so fabulous! It is like stylish, grown up baby, not all BabyR’Us Crazed! Well done. and…I love that the baby can see the garden gnome through the window. Very important.

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