A Growing Vegetable Garden

After building our new monster garden bed (at least I thought it was monster size until our vegetables started spilling over the edges) I couldn’t wait to get my starts planted.  I spent months with my little seeds all lined up under a grow light in the garage, and with the delay of summer they were all outgrowing their little cups.  I was thrilled when it finally started to get warmer and I was able to plant them outside!

Last year, I had a bad year with seeds.  Nothing grew.  So this year I was really excited.  I picked my favorite northwest staples – peas, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and pumpkin, and intended on lettuce but it just never happened.

{Snap Peas}

My favorite part of having a vegetable garden is watching how the vegetable forms.  With each new vegetable I plant, I guess where and how the vegetable will form.  I’ve never been much of a gardener, and I certainly never paid attention, so I might just sound totally naive, but I swear it’s like magic!  Very exciting stuff!  Each plant is a little different, but I still marvel at how they start with a little flower, and then as the flower dies away and shrivels up, a little fruit or vegetable appear.


Each morning this summer, I wake up, get coffee, and wander around my garden.  And yes, it’s only 1 bed so I am sure that my neighbors must just wonder what on earth I am doing.  I seriously just circle it with coffee in hand examining each plant to check it’s progress.  I feel like a farmer studying the crops of his farm making sure it will be a good harvest…when in reality I just got a few zucchini, 4 ears of corn, about 75 snap peas, and a few dozen tomatoes.  I take note though about how to replant everything next year so I don’t block out the other zucchini and pumpkin with the tall corn stalks.  Should have been a no brainer, I know…but again, I am new at this!

{Pumpkin and Zucchini}

I thought the corn was pretty fascinating.  The stocks are just leaves, and then at the top they grow a tassel (which is male, obvi!: )  And then over a few weeks, the pollen from the tassels falls/blows off and lands where the large leaves meet the stock, and then suddenly the corn starts to emerge.  And turns out the ear is female!  Who knew?


Next year when we add the second bed, I will definitely be adding some new vegetables that I have never grown before.  Broccoli is on the top of my list!

Does anyone have suggestions for other fun plant to vegetable transformations?

4 thoughts on “A Growing Vegetable Garden

  1. Shandra says:

    Em! I loved reading about your garden. I had those same feelings of wonder as I watched our plants grow and turn into things that we could eat! Some of my favorite plant-to-vegetable transformations were artichokes, onions and, fennel. We got starts for all of these from Severin’s garden so I am not sure how they would do from seed, but someone is doing it! You have inspired me to try seeds next summer.

  2. Beth Morris says:

    This is great Em – thanks for sharing your blog and I am excited to check back and see what fun projects you’re working on! – Beth

  3. Jenn says:

    Your garden is beautiful! My spring garden was great, but my summer plantings didn’t fare so well. I’m thinking of planting some more cooler weather veggies for the fall. I LOVE harvesting and eating what I’ve grown. Such a cool feeling :)

    • betterremade says:

      Thanks! Yeah, some of them didn’t do so well this summer. My fingers are crossed that the 20 tomatoes that are left will still ripen! Thanks for checking out my page, I am a big fan of your blog! Loved your entry redo!

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