Wait! I need how many textiles?

I figured out my problem, and now I have quite a job in front of me.

Our whole house has pretty much become shades of blue and grey…and I need to break the cycle without repainting!  I claim I did it by total accident.  As I choose each wall color, grey just seemed appealing.  It’s modern, subtle, clean, sharp, neutral – it just works!  But now I feel as though the house is just monochromatic, and I need to introduce more color.  I’ve also realized that I think color might scare me a bit.  Whenever I refinish furniture, it’s either stained wood, black, or white…it’s safe.  I need to break out of that!  I need to be fun!  I want to have a house that has a little eclectic flair with some unexpectedness around the edges.

So, last week on Young House Love, Sherry was shocked to find out the designer Sarah Richardson uses 10-14 fabric textile per room!  (totally sounds like a soap opera recap, huh?)

I looked around the dining room, a room that I am trying to perk up, and I saw 1 – thin white IKEA curtain panels.  (Whomp Whomp!)  I feel like 10 is a high bar, and I doubt I can reach it, but that has become my challenge!

I wish you could have seen Jesse’s reaction when I told him that I finally realized that my problem was that I didn’t have a minimum of 10 textiles in the dining room.  I don’t even think he bothered with words…just an eye roll…but to be honest I really only told him to get a reaction like that out of him.

So in conclusion, I think that if I implement more textiles (and wall art) the color will take care of itself…fingers crossed!  I’m thinking new curtains – a kicky print, OBVI! DIY stencil rug, possibly chair cushions, or maybe upholstered end chairs.  In a perfect world, I’d love a long upholstered bench or settee along the wall filled with awesome pillows!

Good think IKEA and World Market are on the top of my To Do list tomorrow!

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