Everyone warned me…

After Jesse and I got married last September, we talked about getting a puppy…but we had 2 trips to Michigan and 1 trip to Boston planned for the fall, so we thought it would be a good idea to wait until the spring.  Then Jesse mentioned that he had been sneaking peaks at Goldendoodles online…multiple times.  Then I thought I’d surprise him by looking into local breeders, just to see what would be available spring 2011.  But it kind of backfired when she wrote me back to say that puppies were available that weekend and she attached this photo…

The damage was done.  How do you say no to that face?!!  We said that we would visit the puppy and decide.  HA!  What a joke, you can’t say no to a puppy once you meet her.  I mean, check out this guy…

I don’t think that he could look any happier or googly-eyed!

Anyway, back to the story…we got her!  Her name is Princess Leia.  And I quickly starting giving her too much freedom.  But in my defense, she is very well behaved…for the most part.  We started out crating her.  She stayed in her crate during the day, slept in her crate all night, and played outside in between.  She was doing so well, and I started to feel guilty for keeping her in the crate during the day.  So I quickly gave her the whole kitchen…and guess what happened?!

Whomp Whomp!  I told myself, “it’s ok, the cabinets are painted white, so I just need to patch, sand, and paint.”  I’ve heard those works before repeated over and over and over again in my mind.

But wait!  Then I saw this!

{lonny magazine}

How fantastic is this?!  I never really thought about painting the lower cabinets a different color, but OH MY GOSH, dark dark navy blue high gloss!  How fabulous?!  Obviously I can’t do it now.  I have to wait until Leia is out of her chewing stage, but now I look at the chewed corners and slyly smile to myself thinking of my new painted glossy cabinets!  (Don’t tell my husband.)

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