Sun’s out…so is the Sangria!

Now…I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think that I make REALLY good Sangria!  I’m slightly nervous my friends are going to read this and think to themselves, “really?!”  But I think it’s true!  And the best part is that it’s only 2 ingredients.  Red wine and Orange pop.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared this!  It’s been my go-to entertaining beverage for years.  The first few times I made it, I used Orangina and decent wine.  But each time I made it, I got cheaper and cheaper, the the result remained the same…glass after glass!  So now I use a 1.5L of cab sauv and a 2L or orange pop.  I did try diet pop once, but wasn’t as good.  I might try again to make it less sugary, but it seemed a little flat.  This cost me less than $10.

Better Remade | Best Sangria

Oranges are extra.  Not necessary, but adds a nice garnish.  Depending on what I have on hand, or how fancy I want it to be :) I add limes, or lemons, really any fruit I have on hand.   etter Remade | Best Sangria

I also recommend, if time allows, slice up the fruit and throw into the freezer.  The frozen ruit slices keep it cooler longer.etter Remade | Best Sangria

Then it’s just orange pop and red wine.  I usually do half and half, which makes it a little on the strong size, more winey than fruity.  So definitely taste test as you mix!  :) etter Remade | Best Sangria

The sun came out this weekend, so I couldn’t resist!  Plus I happened to have a bowl of oranges!etter Remade | Best Sangria

etter Remade | Best Sangria  etter Remade | Best SangriaI also love to mix it in Jesse’s empty beer growlers, which are perfect for bringing to a friends BBQ!

Drink up!  And enjoy the sun!

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